Friday, November 24, 2017

Warming Up

This is week twenty-six of my temperature-based year quilt:
This was the warmest week so far, but there hasn't been any really hot weather yet:
24/11/2017    29.7   orange
23/11/2017    32.6   red
22/11/2017    30.9   red
21/11/2017    30.5   red
20/11/2017    28.8   orange
19/11/2017    27.2   orange
18/11/2017    27.4   orange

And here's how it will look when I finish stitching it and join this completed row to the previous ones:
Half a year already! Started on my birthday, and the first half completed on my son's birthday.

Today our first two water-lily flowers opened:

This warm weather has brought a need for some summery clothes. Today I finished sewing this tunic top of a very light-weight cotton lawn:
I'd make a few adjustments to the pattern if I make this again (those sleeves are a strange length), but it is light and comfortable and is sure to get a bit of wear through the warm months. According to my records I bought this fabric from a 2nd-hand store in Tyabb in Dec 2010, so I think after 7 years in my stash and who knows how many in someone else's, it is time it was used!

Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report.


  1. Beautiful waterlilies. The tunic top suits the scale of the print, looks very cool. You will need it in the upcoming red weeks.

  2. Top looks great! Am loving your temperature chart! Such dedication.

  3. The progression on your temperature hexagons looks great!

  4. Ha! Your rosette looks a lot like my summer rosettes. Here’s hoping you are firmly out of the winter months!!! Love the lily pads and flowers.

  5. Lucky you, it has been very hot in Horsham this week and unusually muggy to boot. So my spring flowers have all but disappeared and now I am wondering why I dont plant more summer flowering things, that like our heat!

  6. Love the oranges! It's interesting to see how it jumped so quickly from aqua to orange & red with only a bit of yellow in between. The tunic looks great. Sewing with anything as lightweight as lawn gives my pause - you handled it beautifully. And apparently, it's a timeless fabric - never would have guessed it had been in the stash that long.