Friday, November 10, 2017

Twenty Four

Temperature data:
10/11/2017   27.7   orange
9/11/2017    23.4    yellow
8/11/2017    18.3    green
7/11/2017    12.9    aqua/teal
6/11/2017    14.9    aqua/teal
5/11/2017    14.3    aqua/teal
4/11/2017    13.3    aqua/teal

It is interesting seeing the colours gradually change:
The week ahead might be the first without aqua. And might see the first appearance of red.
Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report.


  1. How pretty! Isn't it interesting to see the change?

  2. Great fabrics this week - and yes - it's nice to see color changes!! I'm actually surprised how fas ours are changing/dropping while you still seem to be hanging onto the teals...