Friday, November 17, 2017

No Aqua!

For the first time in 25 weeks, there were no days where our top temperature was in the range of 10 - 15 degrees. No aqua required!

And if that wasn't enough excitement, this week is also the first appearance of red:

Two red days:

17/11/2017    22.4    yellow
16/11/2017    19.7    green
15/11/2017    25.8    orange
14/11/2017    31.0    red
13/11/2017    32.2    red
12/11/2017    25.3    orange
11/11/2017    27.3    orange

 I think that means summer is around the corner. Here's more proof:
 Today was my first Christmas break-up do.

Linked to Sarah's weekly weather report. Not surprisingly, everyone else's weather is getting cooler as ours heats up.


  1. A nice bright warm block! Great fabrics.

  2. Welcome Red and good riddance to teal!!
    Could you please explain to this Yankee what a "break-up do" is? Maybe it's a party?

  3. Deceptive colours, the heat looks dry, which it is not.

  4. A lovely change of fabric, bright and colourful.

  5. There may be no aqua this week either!

  6. Fascinated by your Weather Project, it is something I would have been interested in doing - but with the amount of travelling we have done this year - it may have looked a bit ...odd - or interesting depending on your point of view!
    Good to see some warmth coming in though.
    Cheers Wendy