Saturday, November 4, 2017

Frost in November

The weather forecast for this morning was "possible frost". So last night the tomatoes were moved back into the greenhouse. I took down my hanging baskets and moved them under the back verandah:

I put upturned pots over all my dahlias, which I optimistically planted out in the garden last week:

This morning at about 4 o'clock, I looked at the weather station and saw that it was 0 degrees outside. I started to worry about all the salvias that have sent up so much new growth this spring. So at that rather ridiculous time I was out in the garden doing this:
Covering a garden bed with 5 metres of fabric!

And there was actually frost, as you can see in this shot of part of the rose garden later in the morning:
But hopefully not enough to damage those daylilies which didn't get any protection.


  1. A dedicated gardner medal is coming your way. For service way above and beyond. Your very fortunate plants will reward you with beautiful blooms.

  2. Your gardening passion is showing, when you can get up at that time of the morning.