Friday, September 1, 2017


Spring is here! Maybe only according to the calendar though, because we didn't get the warm day the Bureau was promising us a few days ago. However there was sunshine and some hyacinths:

I planted the hyacinth bulbs around the base of the Cercis canadensis "Lavender Twist" tree I was given for my birthday, and the very next day a diggy dog (Dot) dug up a few of them. That's why there is wire over them!

Elsewhere on the block today, the arbour last seen back in May is now (virtually) finished. The climbing Lorraine Lee rose which was also a birthday present is planted at the base of the near post:

It is leafing out and beginning to grow. Once it has grown up a bit it won't need the wire around it to protect it from wallabies.

Here's week fourteen of my year quilt:
Not fully sewn yet.
Here's the weather data that determines the colours for each day:
1/09/2017     13.7   aqua/teal
31/08/2017   12.7   aqua/teal
30/08/2017   10.4   aqua/teal
29/08/2017     9.3   blue
28/08/2017     9.7   blue
27/08/2017    6.6    blue
26/08/2017  10.9    aqua/teal


  1. Beautiful fabrics in this week's block!

  2. Arbour is lovely, would like one at my place! We got the sunshine yesterday, but my Hyacinths have not come up....we dont have a dog?!

  3. Too much blue! Thank goodness you have the hyacinths to tell you it is a new season,

  4. Lovely blue flowers---they match your weekly block...I am enjoying seeing how your weeks go and looking forward to seeing them all together...
    hugs, Julierose