Friday, September 29, 2017

Colourful Week

Here are a few touches of colour around the garden.

 More tulips:

There are buds on both my birthday trees. Flower buds on the redbud Cercis canadensis "Lavender Twist": 
And leaf buds on the Japanese maple, Acer palmatum, "Osakazuki":
Both look like they will be open very soon. The other two trees in the charbagh, a lilac and a crabapple, already have leaves and are preparing to flower.

Our temperatures have resulted in a colourful rosette for week 18:

Last week I was excited about yellow, but this week we have orange! And only three aqua/teal days, rather than the five that the forecast last Friday predicted.

29/09/2017    15.6    green
28/09/2017    13.9    aqua/teal
27/09/2017    20.1    yellow
26/09/2017    15.6    green
25/09/2017    10.6    aqua/teal
24/09/2017    13.8    aqua/teal
23/09/2017    26.7    orange

It's not easy to select a thread for assembling the rosette with all these different colours in it. Appliquéing it will be similarly tricky!

Next week may include 2 aqua, 3 green and 2 yellow hexies. But then again, it may not. Either way, I'm sure the garden will include lots of colour to delight my heart.


  1. Great weather this week! I'm using a beige silk thread for joining the hexagons and applique and it's not noticable.

  2. Our weather has moved on overnight to autumnal...46 degrees this morning which is chilly...I am happy that the humidity and heat is in abeyance for a bit...
    Pretty flowers--love those buds...hugs Julierose

  3. Beautiful colours all round. Your birthday trees must be very happy in their new home.