Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Grand Day Out

Yesterday a neighbour mentioned that the next couple of weeks are the school holidays. I never know these days! But it reminded me that if I wanted to see Wallace and Gromit and Friends at ACMI, this week might be the best time to do it. I imagine it is something a lot of people might take their kids to in the holidays.

I really enjoyed the exhibition. There are all sorts of sketches, models, storyboards and videos, which were all very interesting, but my favourites were the actual sets.
There are quite a few, from various films. The detail in them is amazing.
Some are quite dark, so couldn't easily be photographed without flash, but these shots are of some of the more brightly-lit ones.
By resting my camera against the glass covering, I could steady it enough to take almost clear pictures without the flash. Not as good as seeing them in real life though!

Now I feel the need to re-watch the films. I think there are a couple of DVDs still packed away in a box in the shed somewhere. Maybe it is time to takle the remaining boxes two years after we moved in.



  1. I'm going with daughter and granddaughter on Tuesday - a good reason to go with the school holidays. Did you make your own model?

  2. I went to the Wallace and Grommit exhibition when I was in Melbourne in July. Jam packed. I had never seen most of the films that were mentioned so took the opportunity to buy the one about the pirates.
    It's a really good day out, but for anyone who is still planning to go, be prepared for a very long visit. My legs wore out.

  3. Looks interesting. Have to find the energy to go.

  4. Oh what fun. I remember the movies with the grand children when they were still young.

  5. Moment of excitement in our house, thought there was a new Wallace and Gromit movie we could see in the school holidays! Love the film sets, thanks for sharing.