Thursday, September 14, 2017


Yesterday I drove my Sweet16 to Geelong to be serviced. On my way my windscreen was hit by a stone thrown by a passing truck. There was a loud "bang", but I was relieved that I couldn't see any damage. However as I kept driving, a crack started growing up the windscreen. It was about 45cm long by the time I got to Geelong. So this morning I've had a new windscreen fitted.

Last night as I was going to bed my Kobo refused to start up.
It hangs at this start-up screen. Now it is eReading: no time, no place. Seven years and 9 days after it was given to me, the Kobo is no more. I didn't know I needed one when I got it, but it has been fantastic over the years. I've read 58 of the 100 free books that came pre-loaded on it, and lots of others over the years. I am/was 80% of the way through my current read, so will have to find an alternate way of reading it. None of the libraries that make up the Central Highlands Library conglomerate have a copy.

Crimson rosellas have done this to several of the roses:
New spring growth snipped off. The electric fence around the garden has stopped wallabies eating the roses, but it can't protect them from flying critters.

This morning, several cockatoos were wandering around in the same garden bed, doing this:
Snipping leaves off the lamb's ears. I don't think they were eating the leaves, although when I went outside one cocky flew off with a piece it had snipped:
Hard to see in the photo, but it is holding the piece of lamb's ear in its left foot. It sat up there thinking about the situation for a while, then dropped the lamb's ear before flying away with its friends.


  1. If bad things come in threes, you are done.
    The cockatoos are not satisfied with the bird bath, they are demanding you put out some seed for them. Your garden is being held to ransom. Stay strong.

  2. I started with a kobo, gave it to my daughter and changed to kindle. I am now on my third kindle. I don't know what I do to them but they gave up the ghost.
    I really love using it as it means I can read during the night when I can't sleep. And I don't have to turn the light on.

  3. We are putting nesting boxes up in our garden for the Eastern and Rainbow rosellas....but we have a net to cover our fruit orchard. The cockies dont visit us (prefer neighbours tall dead tree), except for the yellow tail black cockies, to eat the pine cones from a tree that borders our place. Nobody has eaten my roses or lambs ears. And I have started bordering by beds with lambs ears so there is a lot of it. Hmmm, wondering if they are sampling your garden because its new, or because there is not enough native food for them?? Very frustrating. Perhaps a few soft lines of fishing wire with ribbon on it, hanging overhead, so they cannot fly down and land on the roses. Doesnt stop ground feeding cockies attacking your lambs ears though. Frustrating!