Saturday, September 23, 2017

Not a New Project

Some more beautiful tulips opening this morning:
 Anticipating the colour hexagon I needed to make today for my temperature quilt.

A couple of days ago I discovered that I need to make a small quilt to be displayed in a hoop at our quilt show in November. I began working on a design idea for it, but then remembered a project languishing in my sewing box. (Details of pattern and designer at that linked post.) After some quick calculations of the area of pieces already made, and the area of a circle, my decision was made. Today at our Sit & Sew day, I started putting it all together:

A few pieces towards the top of this picture are stitched together, but getting the rest of them done will keep me busy for a few more sewing days. Then I will need to make more pieces to fill the hoop, but it won't be as much work as starting a completely new project. Plus I will get this one crossed off my list of unfinished projects.