Thursday, September 21, 2017

Garden Tidy-Up

The garden beds at the front of the house are looking a bit overgrown in places, and undergrown in others. Overgrown because some things which should have been cut back last spring weren't, and bare because plants which lost their leaves in the frosts have been left as bare sticks:
Western end of the garden bed this morning - all you can really see is the large overgrown scented geranium, and bare salvia branches. I hadn't trimmed back the salvias in case there was another frost. There is lots of new growth at the base of each plant.

The same bed later this afternoon:
Minus a lot of the geranium, all the bare salvia branches, and a few dead or scraggly branches of other plants. It looks much neater, and now several hidden plants can be seen. Tomorrow I will tackle the eastern end.

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  1. Time for a haircut. Sometimes they look scraggly overnight.