Friday, September 15, 2017

Week Sixteen

In one respect week sixteen turned out just the way it was forecast; two green days and five aqua ones. But the actual temperatures each day were lower than forecast, so we just barely missed a couple of blue days:

15/09/2017   14.9    aqua/teal
14/09/2017   10.8    aqua/teal
13/09/2017   10.4    aqua/teal
12/09/2017   16.8    green
11/09/2017   16.6    green
10/09/2017   12.9    aqua/teal
9/09/2017     11.6    aqua/teal

Because there is no forecast for our town I look at the forecast for Ballarat, which is a bit over 20km away. What we experience is often a bit different to Ballarat's weather. Their forecast for the coming week looks interesting at the moment, though: three aqua days, three green days, and a yellow day!

Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather report.


  1. Looking forward to the first 20 plus day.

  2. I spy a hexie fabric!! Such pretty fabrics this week...including your central cat! Enjoy your warmer weather. It's about time, right?!?!