Thursday, August 31, 2017

More Vandals

Previously I've had rosellas vandalising salvias, and wallabies eating roses. Today I discovered another garden threat.

Early this morning, one of our security cameras captured a few cockatoos doing something down by the vegie garden:
But it was several hours before we discovered exactly what they had done:
Destroyed a clump of daffodils!

They not only chomped through all the flower stems, they chomped the actual flowers as well:
There are quite a few daffodils about to open in other parts of the garden, but now I'm thinking I better cut them and bring them inside before the cockies come back for another go!

Elsewhere in the garden, a happier happening:
The first sweet pea to pop up! I forgot to plant them in March, the traditional sweet pea sowing time. I finally put them in about 3 weeks ago and we've had some cold weather since then. But today was sunny, and the first seed is up. And looking at the photo I think there could be another one about to appear on the far left. Hooray!


  1. Those cockies are a nuisance. I don't miss them at all.

  2. I can imagine one cockatoo enjoying the destruction of your daffodils. Then calling down its gang to join in fun. I don't think they would be food for them.

  3. Oh those "dirty birds" LOL--Deer play havoc with all of my flowers EXCEPT daffodils...hope you got to cut some to enjoy inside...hugs, Julierose

  4. Maybe the cockies have gourmet tastes or are just vandals. I love sweet peas. Reminds me of my dad growing them.