Friday, August 11, 2017

Week Eleven

Not stitched together yet, but here is this week's temperature rosette:

We almost had another green day yesterday, reaching 14.8. Here's the data for the week:
11/08/2017    13.0    aqua/teal
10/08/2017    14.8    aqua/teal
9/08/2017      13.1    aqua/teal
8/08/2017      11.5    aqua/teal
7/08/2017       9.0    blue
6/08/2017       8.7    blue
5/08/2017       9.2    blue

The forecast for the next week shows two possible green days. Spring is definitely coming!

Linked to Sarah's weekly weather report.


  1. Lovely grouping--really like that little Hopi musician cute hugs, Julierose

  2. I have seen several people making the temperature rosettes. You are in the chillier blue hemisphere and another blogger is in the hot orange-red northern hemisphere. These temp rosette are really fun.

  3. I can now see what my aqua/blues will look like once we change seasons. Just so pretty!

  4. Lovely collection of fabrics - esp the "sun" fabric. I own the one above it in several colors - love them as blenders.