Friday, August 4, 2017

From Spring to Winter

Week ten, and my first green day!
The first time the temperature has reached over 15 degrees in the ten weeks since my temperature-based year quilt started. The first five days of this week were sunny and you could feel a hint of spring in the air. But winter returned yesterday and today.

Here are the actual temperatures:

4/08/2017     7.9    blue
3/08/2017     7.2    blue
2/08/2017    11.8    aqua/teal
1/08/2017    14.1    aqua/teal
31/07/2017  13.6    aqua/teal
30/07/2017  14.2    aqua/teal
29/07/2017  16.0    green

Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report.


  1. Oh yes and it's cold here Too

  2. Brrrr, a cold hexie...but so p-p-p-pretty (teeth chattering lol) hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your fabrics! Isn't this a fun project?

  4. Pretty hexie.Love your fabrics. Your winter is much like my summer this year .LOL

  5. Your hexie is very charming and the background fabric is adorable and perfect in its clean black and whiteness. Since I just turned 70 , I was interested in your listed book, Sizzling at Seventy-I think it is easier to be sizzling if you can have a facelift tho personally I would go for a chinlift-haha

  6. Congrats on your first green - such a cute fabric!