Thursday, August 10, 2017


In August last year I visited Dunolly. It was rainy and the patchwork shop was shut.

Today I visited Dunolly again. This time the weather was mainly sunny. But this is the patchwork shop now:
Probably should say "the former patchwork shop". It has shut down.

One of the highlights last year was the lime cheesecake tart from the Dunolly Bakery. We were looking forward to having that again. Guess what? No lime cheesecake today. We consoled ourselves with the caramel cheesecake tart:
It was pretty yummy. And the girl at the bakery told me about a new(ish?) patchwork shop in Maryborough, so I popped in there on the way home.

Our main destination was Dunolly Demolition and Salvage Yard:
They have all sorts of good stuff. I might have been interested in some of the planters or the chimney pots for the garden, but nothing had a price on it. That really bugs me. They have a huge yard of reclaimed timber, and that did seem to be priced. 

I don't think they have a high turn-over of light fittings:

Their dog will know me again next time it sees me:
Every time I looked at it, it was staring at me.


  1. You'll be getting some different colour Hexies soon. Shame about the Dunolly shop but good luck with Maryborough

  2. No cheesecake AND a shuttered door at the patchwork shop? That's terrible. The salvage yard looks intimidating!!!

  3. Thanks for the local tour, my MIL is originally from this area and we are going to visit soon, so will be sure to check out the bakery and salvage yard! Even better that there is a patchwork shop in M'borough! Is the sewing machine museum still open in M/borough? It was in the old flour mill....but must be five or six years ago that I visited?

  4. This cake looks delicious too. The dog on the other hand appears to take it's job much to seriously and I would be avoiding it.