Friday, August 18, 2017

Wild Weather

This week included our warmest and coldest days since I started my temperature-based year quilt at the end of May. On the warmest day I wore short sleeves, and on the coldest (today) there was even a little snow.

18/08/2017     6.4    blue - Coldest day so far!
17/08/2017    11.2    aqua/teal
16/08/2017    12.6    aqua/teal
15/08/2017    12.9    aqua/teal
14/08/2017    18.9    green - Warmest day so far!
13/08/2017    15.0    aqua/teal (Missed green by 0.1)
12/08/2017    13.7    aqua/teal

This is the twelfth week, and completes the second row of the quilt:
What will go in the empty squares at either end of the first row is still in development.

Linked to Sarah's Hexie Link Party, where you can see 12 weeks of her summer weather, and links to other hexie projects around the world.


  1. I love your colors! Blue is my favorite, and I wouldn't mind some cooler temperatures!

  2. Loving your colours, fresh looking against the neutrals.

  3. You can really see the colours change when they are all together

  4. Bitterly cold wind here yesterday too. A good day to stay inside and sew. Love your hexies. Spring temperatures going up and down will be interesting!

  5. On 16th & 17th , we had up to 30degrees - had shorts on & then the next day wanted a jumper on again - just weird.

  6. Wow! Snow! I'm not ready to think about snow yet but our summer has been cooler than normal so maybe it's not that far off. Your colors are beautiful!!