Tuesday, May 2, 2017

UFO for May

At the beginning of April, my Pentagon Sunflowers looked like this:
I said then that during April I would either:
  •  cut it back to a regular shape, 
  •  add some more pieces to straighten up the edges, or
  •  appliqué it to a background as is.
I chose the second alternative, and added a few pieces around the edges. I posted a progress shot here. Then I began appliquéing it to the background. I'm about a third of the way around (see here). I allowed two months for this piece when I drew up my UFO list, but I'll probably keep working on it on sit-and-sew days, of which I have about 5 in May. It should be ready to baste by the end of this month.

For May, Judy has chosen the number 11. And I've decided yet again to do something different. I have three challenge pieces to make this year, and the year is nearly half over. So I will devote May to working on those challenges.

My first challenge is "Tear Out a Magazine Page". The purpose is to make something from a magazine that we have been hanging onto thinking, "One day I'll make that." Mine is this table runner from Quilts from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Fall 2015 edition:
The pattern is Lunch in the Sunshine, designed by Beth Helfter.

My second challenge is "Out of Africa", and for that I will be using the shweshwe fabric I blogged here. I need to print a pattern out on A3 paper for that one, so it will have to wait until I can do that.

My third challenge involves using the colours of your birth-stone and the flower associated with your birth month to create something. That challenge has to remain secret, so I won't be posting any of my progress here.

This afternoon I made a start on the table runner challenge. Here are the petals of the first block waiting to be Vliesofixed in place:
 And here's all three blocks fused. I need to choose a centre circle fabric, and then they will be ready to be sewn:
Not a bad start!

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  1. Some nice work happening

  2. Beautiful pieces going onward there.:))) Love the colors in your Pentagon one hugs, Julierose

  3. Making great progress on that table runner!

  4. Bright new pattern. love your colour choices. Trying to work out what the not kangaroo shape could be, maybe a tasmanian devil.

  5. Great table runner, so quick and easy, but looks lovely!