Friday, May 12, 2017

Falls Walk

I only recently discovered there is a walking track from Lal Lal Falls to Moorabool Falls. Today was a lovely day for a bit of a walk, overcast but not cold, so we took the dogs to explore.

The starting point is on the opposite side of the Lal Lal Falls from the picnic area and normal viewing spot:
 In fact you can't see the falls from here at all, just the water about to disappear over them:

Along the way there are lots of very old trees, including quite a few manna gums, although we didn't manage to spot any koalas.
About half way along there is another set of falls, Granite Falls, but you can't see them from the trail, only hear them.

The trail leads past the Lal Lal Reservoir:

And eventually reaches the Moorabool Falls:
It would be interesting to see these falls after a bit of rain. The adjacent sign says there is a single drop of 27m, but there didn't seem to be enough water flowing over it today to create that drop.

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  1. Beautiful vistas, a walk I imagine your will repeat often.