Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers Day

Kookaburra on the birdbath at breakfast time:

After breakfast we headed off to Smeaton, where the National Trust ran a heritage event at Anderson's Mill this weekend. The Mill is not normally open to the public, so it was a good opportunity to have a look through it. The giant wheel was a highlight:

Around the mill there were various displays, including vintage machinery and vehicles. I rather liked this travelling department store in a van:

Inside the mill there was a display of old and reproduction quilts. I didn't take any photos of them! The Lions Centenary quilt, which I saw back in March, was there too.

There were various food vans in attendance, but there were so many European wasps everywhere, that I would have been afraid to eat anything out in the open.

Next stop for the day was Lambley Nursery:
Looking very autumnal! We picked up a few bargain marked-down end of season plants and bulbs, and made note of a few possible future purchases.

This Zauschneria cana looked amazing with its red flowers and grey foliage.

What about this Acanthus sennii from Ethiopia?

Does anyone know what this one is?
Is it a European spindle (Euonymus europaeus)? The leaves had lovely autumn colour, and it was also covered in these bright pink flowers - or probably fruits? It is beautiful, whatever it is.


  1. What a great way to spend Mothers' Day

  2. How wonderful to see the wheel in action. Next time I will get there. The beautiful bush might by the Euonymus alatus at Lambley Nursery - but they have none for sale.