Monday, May 15, 2017


Last November I saw this in an open garden:
And wondered where I might get some old harrow disks to create something similar.

Tonight when I arrived home, I was presented with this:
Happy birthday! Thirty-two harrow disks! (And bonus harrow). Another early present because this one was a bit too big to hide, or even wrap.

A couple of things to notice in the background: the electric fence which is giving the roses a chance to recover, and the crepe myrtle behind that which is colouring up nicely:
This tree looked very sad and droopy through summer, and we decided we would move it during winter. But now it seems to have perked up, just in time to lose its leaves.


  1. Exciting, would love to have seen a big red bow on the trailer!!!

  2. whoaaa...are you going to weld them together??? this will be interesting to see for sure...hugs, Julierose

  3. I love this, how exciting. I have seen spheres made with cultivator shears but this looks just as good, and I think you are going to get more than one with all those discs! Happy welding!

  4. Happy almost birthday! Love the trailer load, can't wait to see the sculpture come together! ( I remember showing your original photo to my boys last year,and we decided it looked rather like the death star! - in other words very cool!)

  5. I love the sculpture and it looks like your one will have frilly edges!