Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trees and Flower

My ginkgo now has no trace of green, and the yellow leaves are starting to fall:
I expect one day soon will be windy and all these leaves will blow away.

My liquidambar is half green and half red:
Strangely it is the southern side of the tree that is colouring, and the northern side that is still green:

In the flower garden,my bethel sage has lots of buds. This is the first one to start opening:
Back in the city they opened about a month earlier, then flowered all through winter. Last year here the flowers started opening sooner than this, but I think the frost knocked the plants back before they really got going.


  1. THe colours in the liquid amber are gorgeous.

  2. Just lovely tree colors--I can see quilts in those...hugs, Julierose

  3. Your garden is full of colours. ♥ Here, almost all the trees are green all over the year. Enjoy!

  4. What beautiful coloured leaves on the autumn tree. Superb