Friday, May 19, 2017

Sunflower Progress

After a couple of sit-and-sew days, my sunflowers are nearly appliqued to their background fabrics.

Soon they will be in the queue of tops to be quilted!

Linking to Sarah's Hexie Linky Party, where you can read all about her new Hexie Temperature Quilt, which I will be participating in. The idea is that you make a hexagon a day, in a colour based on the top temperature for the day (or the temperature at a given time if you prefer). Each week the hexagons become a rosette, and then 52 rosettes later you have a year quilt. It should be interesting to see the colours gradually change across the quilt as the seasons come and go.

As our climate is so different to Sarah's (she has four levels of colours below freezing!), I've come up with my own colour/temperature chart, which is as follows:
>45      black
40-45   purple
35-40    magenta
30-35    red
25-30    orange
20-25    yellow
15-20    green
10-15    aqua/teal
5-10      blue
0-5        pale blue

I'll be hoping for no black days during the year!


  1. I assume you will be using outside temperature, otherwise you might have a yellow quilt.

  2. Iknow I have been MIA from commenting for a month but I have been reading. The birthday sclupture will always be a reminder of a special BD Hip Hip Hooray. You have been busy with quilting and garden visiting. Glad you'v had a great month.

  3. That will be a fascinating project. I love the colours you have chosen. I hope for no black or pale blue!