Saturday, May 13, 2017

Garden Colour

My ginkgo is almost completely gold now:
It glows when the sun comes out.

Purple gladioli opening up. I'm not sure what variety these are, or if they are supposed to flower at this time of year. But I have several of them opening and they are looking lovely:

Today I was given this gorgeous magenta cyclamen as an early birthday present:


  1. Have a lovely birthday. Such pretty flowers gladi's, I only have red and they have already flowered and finished, but not sure what the expected timeframe is. I love cyclamens and have planted them in my garden from their pots after flowering and they perform quite well the following year. Always a nice surprise when they pop up.

  2. I love the gladi. They always remind me of my mother as her name was Gladys and dad always planted them in the garden.

  3. Happy birthday, enjoy your day when it arrives. Beautiful gold gingko leaves.