Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dragon's Eye Daylily

Last time my Dragon's Eye daylily flowered was April five years ago. So I'm happy to see it again in its new home:
I missed the first flower, and this second one isn't really open, but the weather is so cold I'm not sure there will be any more. It's a bit like the first time it flowered for me, in June 2011, when only a couple of the buds opened before cold weather stopped it. I wonder why it flowers so late? All the references I've found on the internet suggest it should flower mid to late summer. But for me it seems to be autumn to winter, both here and in the city.

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  1. Beautiful colors in this one...both open and past flowering stage...it has been so cold here that my usual flowers have yet to even set bud...hugs, Julierose