Monday, October 3, 2016

UFO for October

I'm still quilting the September UFO, my Flower Ball quilt. At the moment two-thirds of the background is done, but I haven't done any quilting on the actual ball part so far. And now we are up to October!

The number for October is 9. My ninth UFO is a pile of "Wild and Goosey" blocks. Here's a photo I posted a couple of years ago when I had 16 completed blocks:
I've made a few more since then, and I now have 25 blocks. Is that enough?

I've been wondering how to assemble them. There's a few different versions around the internet, with and without sashing. But then I saw what Bonnie did with hers, in her new book Addicted to Scraps. She used a wild geese sashing, which looks completely over the top but appeals to me a lot. I pre-ordered the book from Fishpond a month ago, and am still waiting to hear that it has been sent.

So for this month I will keep quilting my Flower Ball for now. I will probably get it finished before the book arrives! And once I have the book I will work on assembling Wild and Goosey.


  1. 25 is a square quilt, or 24 plus one for the back gives some rectangle options. Yes, 25 is enough.

  2. I love your wild & goosey blocks. Can't wait to see how you lay them out.

  3. Wild and Goosey blocks seem to be very addictive. I have so far resisted temptation. There are several unfinished projects hanging around which I am trying to make a dent in.
    Like the sashing. What were the instructions for?