Sunday, October 2, 2016

Swirly Patterns

The spirograph-like quilting patterns I posted on Thursday were done using a couple of Westalee templates. On Friday Geta Grama wrote about quilting through paper, and included some simple swirly designs to download and try. I printed them at half-size (2 to a page), and added some to my quilt between the other designs.

I traced a design onto Golden Threads paper, (I wonder if greaseproof paper would work?) then pinned it to my quilt:
Stitched around the traced design:
And here it is finished and the paper torn away:
It seems appropriate to add some of Geta's swirls to the background, as she designed the Flower Ball templates I used for this quilt.


  1. Oh how beautiful--that works like a charm...hugs, Julierose

  2. I am glad it works for you; can't wait to see your finished Flower Ball.

  3. The variety of patterns will add more sparkle to the Flower Ball.

  4. You quilting is lovely, like the idea of the floating elements. Thank you for the link to Geta's post, her quilting is well worth seeing!

  5. That's a great reminder.
    I went to quilting classes years ago - unbelievable but true. We were shown how to fold baking paper before drawing a design. Stitch once through all the folds. Open out. Abracadabra! A quilting design. It was fun. Now I almost feel inspired to try again soon.

  6. I love the spirograph style design! Would freezer paper work? You could iron on instead of pinning, then peel / tear off after stitching.

    1. I don't know. That could be something to try. But it might be harder to tear away than the Golden Threads paper I used.