Sunday, October 9, 2016


Today was very, very windy. In the morning we visited three open gardens, which were all wonderful in their own ways. Lots of inspiration on display. But those photos will have to wait for another day, because this afternoon this happened:
A strong gust of wind brought down a tree. Fortunately it wasn't the tree the rosellas are nesting in. The branches landed in the orchard:
And amazingly seem to have missed our little fruit trees. One apple lost a branch, but everything else seems OK. The chooks were a bit shaken up, but they also are all OK. They will have to spend a few days locked in their little pen now though, until we can clear this up and repair the fence.
There are trees down all around the region, causing damage to houses, blocking roads, and cutting off power supplies. So we are lucky that this was the only damage here.


  1. Oh no! Mother nature is unpredictable at times..Good thing it didn't hurt anyone or anything.

  2. Oh my ! Glad no one was hurt and it is all fixable. An unexpected project for the week.

  3. Thankfully you, the chooks and the house were ok.

  4. Impossible to predict which one might come down, lucky escape for chooks and the orchard. Bonus firewood, not that you didn't have quite enough already.