Thursday, October 20, 2016

Basted and Quilted

Choosing thread for the quilting:
All done:
Now I have to decide if I will attempt binding the wavy edge, or cut it off straight...

Added later: I chose the thread at the bottom of the first picture. Forgot to mention that!

Linked to Free Motion Mavericks.


  1. Oh I love your Apple core quilt. Its beautiful Vireya. All the different fabrics make it. Sorry I'm no help picking thread colors.

  2. A great pattern to use up stash fabrics. I am not very good at sewing curves on the machine, well done.

  3. What a difference quilting makes, brings all those different fabric patterns together. Love the curly hearts.

  4. When in doubt, experiment is my motto. If you have leftover apple core patches seam two separate 2 core by 2 core blocks. Bind one with bias binding along the curves. Square up the second set and bind that. If you can do a passable job with a curved edge and prefer that - go with it. Its a great opportunity to learn a new skill.

  5. Hello Vireya,

    The swirly hearts are the perfect motif for quilting the apple cores - so pretty!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv