Saturday, October 29, 2016

Golden Plains Open Gardens

It was a beautiful day for visiting the three open gardens around Teesdale.

The first garden combined native plants and succulents, and was teeming with birdlife.
 Large trees provided shade.
There was quite a "round" theme.
A combination vegie and flower garden:
And lots of dishes of succulents throughout the garden:

This turned out to be my favourite garden of the day. Although somehow I have no pictures of the 4 Jack Russells (one of which was about to give birth), or of the dozens of chooks including many hens with chicks.

The second garden was a very colourful cottage-style garden:
There were honeyeaters, wattlebirds and wrens feeding on and hopping around between the flowers. Not sure I like the grey gravel, though. I think I prefer the lighter, warmer colours of the gravel in the first garden.
One of several rose arbours:
A very pretty garden.

The final garden was on a much grander scale. It featured large beds of cacti:
 With not much shade. Although this spot looked inviting:
 Closer to the buildings the scale was more human:
 But this was my least favourite garden.

It was a lovely day out, with perfect weather. Sunshine, and no wind! And it was a privilege to visit these three very different gardens.


  1. The gardens are all very different. I understand why you like the first garden best. I must admit I am not the gardner and the one who is grows lawn. Fed, hand weeded and lovingly tended.

  2. Open gardens provide a wonderful inspiration. These all have lovely corners that could find their way to Lal Lal.

  3. I Love visiting public Gardens. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. There's no place like a beautiful garden.