Friday, October 14, 2016

Dodgy Dye Day

Today I decided to block the flower ball quilt. Once I had cut off the excess backing and batting, the top wasn't as wavy-edged as it had been, but I carried on anyway. However, while it was in the laundry sink, I could tell that at least one fabric's dye was running. The water started to go pink. All my fabrics are pre-washed, but it seems one or two of them weren't washed enough. I was as quick as I could be, but as I finished the washing process I could see a couple of places where a reddish tinge was travelling into the blue background.

After spinning the quilt in the washing machine for a couple of minutes, instead of spreading it out to dry slowly in the sewing room as I had planned, I took it outside into the sun:
I had to get it dry as soon as possible to minimise dye migration. It was a good day for it - full sun and a little wind. Fortunately the quick drying seems to have done the trick. The slightly discoloured area did not grow larger, and is not at all obvious. Phew!

You can see the quilting better in this photo I took of the back before the excitement:

Later I squared up the top. That was an interesting process. A circle filled with distorted hexagons doesn't give you a lot of help with cutting perpendicular sides.

By the end of the day, the binding was attached, so now I have some hand work to do at my next sewing day out.


  1. There is a product sold in Coles and Woolworths that removes colour runs. I admit I have not used it but some of my CWA friends have and like it. It is called Colour Catcher or something like that. I suggest you give it a try on some scraps and see if it might be useful later. Your quilt is very lovely indeed and I look forward to seeing it win many prizes.

  2. The quilting is fantastic, can't wait to see this finished quilt.