Monday, October 24, 2016

Book Depository Delivers

My UFO to work on this month was meant to be Wild and Goosey, but as I mentioned in the post about it, I was waiting for Bonnie Hunter's latest book, which I ordered from Fishpond in early September. When I wrote that post, I was waiting to hear from Fishpond when the book would be sent. However what actually happened was that when I contacted them to chase it up half-way through this month, they cancelled my order, saying the book was not available. I immediately placed an order with Book Depository (UK), and 10 days later, here it is:
Thank you, Book Depository!

Here's the page I was particularly interested in; the sashing Bonnie used for her Wild and Goosey blocks:
The challenge became how to get that printed so that I could do the paper-piecing. I don't have any easy access to a photocopier. I tried scanning the page then printing the scanned image, but this is what happened:
I couldn't find a way to control the print-out size, and this is way too big.

I thought I might just have to draw up my own (36 times) but after a bit of searching online, I found a foundation at Quilter's Cache which is the right size flying goose. It is a run of 8 instead of 7, but it is a lot easier to shorten the run than make a longer one.

This one took a couple of tries to get it to print out properly:
Too small on the left, just right on the right! So I have printed out all the runs I need, and now I just need to decide on colours.

Here's the contents page of the book:
Great idea to show pictures of the quilts! You can see Wild and Goosey on the bottom left. There are a few others I quite like, but the one on the top left (Carolina Chain) immediately appealed. It's a  really happy-looking quilt. I just had to try a couple of block segments:
I think this will be my next scrap project, after Wild and Goosey is complete.


  1. Love your scrappy gooseys...I don't have that book; but have all of her other ones...hugs, Julierose

  2. I got my book, too. It's a real shame that I don't have time to start a new project. SEW many inviting patterns!!

  3. Santa is bringing my book, so will have to wait until then. Interested in ordering the rulers.

  4. Thank you for letting us know that the Book Depository had Bonnie's book. I promptly ordered it last night.