Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Drive

This morning's first job:
This tree was blown down on Thursday night, bringing down part of the fence around the orchard (and a large branch of another tree). Because it rained all day yesterday it had to wait until now to be dealt with.

Tree chopped through, fence back up, chooks allowed out again and we could set off for the day.

A few weeks ago I first noticed signs on the Midland Highway pointing to "Bunjil Lookout". Apparently the lookout opened last year, but I don't know when the signs went up. It's good they put the signs up, as it is not somewhere that you are likely to find because you are just passing through. It is at Maude, a place I didn't know existed:
You can read about Bunjil and the lookout here: Bunjil Lookout
Its shape represents a flying wedge-tailed eagle. The view over the Moorabool River valley is fantastic, but the cold wind today meant we didn't stop long to admire the view. The supports are carved:
I presume to represent Bunjil and his family. If there was an explanation of the various figures I missed it.

In Portarlington, I visited the mill:
It's a former grain mill, built in 1857. More info here: Portarlington Mill
But the purpose of my visit was the Bellarine Quilters' Exhibition there, open every weekend day this month.

Bellarine Quilters made the giant patchwork ball which I'm sure I have shown on my blog when I saw it somewhere else, but I can't find it at the moment. So here's a couple of new shots of it:
 You can tell it is either very large, or the mill's ceilings are very low:
A bit of both, actually! More about the ball here:The Big Ball.

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