Sunday, December 7, 2014

Walking, Not Walking, and Some New Arrivals

Reached a walking milestone today:
But my walking foot seems to have decided that it has walked far enough. Here's what it did to a needle:
At least it didn't break! The needle hit the foot, which was a bit surprising, for both me and the needle. But a new needle didn't help, it just kept hitting the foot. So I had to finish the small quilting job I was doing with the regular presser foot. Fortunately that handled the task acceptably.

Two new chooks arrived today:
Separate accommodations for now, but the older ones are keeping a close eye on them.
This photo probably gives a better idea of how small they still are.
The new ones are an Australorp cross and a Barnevelder, and the original ones are an Australorp cross and an ISA brown.


  1. Well done on the million steps! How peculiar that your needle should hit the walking foot...on my elderly Elna, I have to move the 'jigger' that removes the bobbin, to one side when I screw on the walking foot but the newer machines don't have those problems. Love your chooks!

  2. Welcome to your new home little chooks.

  3. Good luck with the chook introductions. A friend described it recently as making UN negotiations look easy!