Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Four years ago this was the back yard of one of the houses over my back fence:

A patch of grass and a few fruit trees. Some open space. Photo taken the day I discovered there were plans to build four townhouses on this block.

Then in January this year, everything was flattened:

In April the second storey was about to go on:

Today I was in the area and noticed that the protective fence around the building site was gone, so I wandered in to have a bit of a look:
 Almost ready to occupy. Some "landscaping" is in progress, which you might almost see if you look very closely.  Here's the extensive garden at the front of the units:
One magnolia and one ornamental pear, with a few low strappy-leaved plants. I wouldn't expect any of them to be alive for long.


  1. What a disaster for the whole area, all those hard surfaces where there was once permeable lawn. Isn't there a requirement that the additional run off has to be contained within the site?

  2. UGH! Definitely the kind of 'Progress' I dislike!! Thankfully you are out of there but still very sad to see.