Saturday, December 6, 2014

Into the Hills

End-of-year lunch at the Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton with quilting friends from the SCQuilters CBD group. View from the window:
I think those treeferns mean we are in the hills.

Happy quilters chatting among the quilts:
I've disguised the two who were looking straight at the camera, because I haven't asked their permission to show their faces. If anyone else in the photo feels they are too identifiable, please let me know and you can have a smiley face, too!

On the way home I snapped this shot through the car window. Do you see a spelling mistake here?
Some dictionaries do give this as an alternate spelling of "mantel", so perhaps it isn't strictly a mistake?


  1. Alternatively you have been fooled by the visual, it is an exhibition focussing on what is above or outside the commercial trappings that cover and conceal the festival that is xmas.

  2. Might just go along and see the exhibition over the weekend.