Saturday, December 20, 2014

Busy Day

Before breakfast I started cutting strips for the next mystery clue, which was released last night. This was a very quick one to do, particularly as I'm only making 25% of the quantity:
All done by lunchtime.

Then I set up out in the back lane to paint some shelving units:
The first coat on the first batch of quite a lot I want to paint. But I will be smarter and set up on the shady side of the lane next time.


  1. You have been busy. Is that your backing I see peaking through?

    1. No, that's my ironing board cover, which probably wasn't the best background for the photo!

  2. Are the shelves destined to hold fabric? You're lucky not to have attracted the midges that are all around here at the moment. I always seem to get a few stuck to the surface when I paint outside.

  3. You zipped right through that clue. I'm sure it helped that you had already done the measurement conversion before for the broken dishes. Your colors look great together!