Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell 2014!

Look what got my heart going this morning:
Pictured sitting on the door mat after I got it outside, but found on the jeans I was carrying to the bathroom and planning to put on after my shower! You can't tell the size in the photo, but it was about 3cm long. Last seen scuttling under the rubbish bin after I shook it off the door mat. I've been bitten by a white-tailed spider before (the nastiest awakening I've ever had), and it was very painful and the site remained tender for months. It's not an experience I wish to repeat!

Let's look at some nice things now. The first buds on one of the salvia cuttings from my old garden:
This one is "Mystik Spires Blue", which should flower most of the year once it gets going.

And flowers on my pink rosemary:
Strangely looking more pink than they did on the plant the cuttings came from!

A couple of vireyas are in flower. First this unnamed hybrid, Rhododendron (vireya) lochiae x macgregoriae, which has flowered in December for the last four years:
And Princess Alexandra, who has been flowering for months:

I spent most of the afternoon setting up and sowing seven boxes of Treeproject seeds:
This year there are seven different species of eucalypt. It's now a race to see which germinate first.

So we say good-bye to 2014, and hope for a wonderful year ahead!


  1. It's so lovely to see how your cuttings from the 'old garden' are flourishing. Those spiders are bad news aren't they...they have been seen here in Qld, but I've seen the photos of bites, so it's no wonder it was so painful and took a while to causes necrosis to the area around the bite doesn't it?