Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mystery Step Five

This week the main challenge was working out how many units to make. I'm making a quarter quantity of the blocks, but this week I couldn't just divide by four.

The clue says to make four of this unit:
If there are only four, they are possibly for the corners of the quilt, so I made four. Every quilt will have four corners, no matter how large or small it is.

The next unit was more interesting. Make 25 of these:
Well that's an intriguing number. An odd number seems to imply an odd number of blocks in some way. If there are 5 x 5 blocks in the whole quilt, these could be centres of blocks. Only Bonnie knows! I made only 7 of them, but they don't take long if I need to whip up a few more in the end.

By my calculations, if the measurement Bonnie gave originally was without borders, there are 40 more units this size required to complete the whole top. So we are close to the end.

Here's all my units so far:
I can't imagine how they go together, but I'm looking forward to finding out!

I'll add a link to the Week 5 Link-Up once Bonnie posts it tomorrow night.

Here's the link-up!

Somehow I managed to be number 1 again. That was a surprise. I just got back from a walk with my dogs, and was amazed to see it was 9:00pm. So I checked my blog reader, and Bonnie's link-up post was right at the top of the list, having just been posted. And no-one had linked-up yet.


  1. You are so clever, Vireya! Your blocks look great! I will work on step 4 today. I also wonder how this quilt turns out in the end...

  2. I agree with you about the corners and the 25 also has me stumped. Can't see them as centres but I will have to play around with finished blocks to see what happens. Great fun to speculate at this stage.

  3. I had the same thoughts when I was doing the calculations for my downsized version. Your blocks look great. Hopefully this week we'll get to see how all these blocks start fitting together.

  4. Love your yellow/Gold fabrics, so pretty...

  5. I think those 4 4patches are part of the corners of the quilt too.....hmmmm. Who knows what Bonnie has up her sleeve this time?

  6. Great progress on GI and lovely colors. Your yellows are a bit like mine, more gold :)

  7. You are very efficient, that why you are #1 again. Your fabric is looking great. You can a nice mixture of prints. I have some of the same greens. Only a few weeks at most and we will have the reveal...very exciting.

  8. I will be anxious to see how your quilt works out with a quarter of the blocks. Nice fabrics!

  9. i love your yellow, or cheddar, or golden,,,,,,,,i picked that also,,,,,,this is my first mystery, and i see you have done others,,,,,i might do the celtic next, not sure,,,,,love love your hammock, i would be there when not sewing, have fun,,,,,

  10. Thanks for stopping in to read my blog! I am impressed, it looks like you are in the middle of a move and you are keeping up with the mystery. I am still working clue 4, but might get some time for myself today to sew. Just need those turqouise/neutral HST stitched. They are all cut out and in little stacks at the machine, ready to go, the rest is ready to join. I hope to catch up. I like the scrappiness of fabr!

  11. Your units are looking good. Your fabrics all look very nice together! Happy New Year!