Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Cat is OK

Another Christmas lunch, this time in the new unit:
An almost picnic style lunch, with the Sweet 16 table and a borrowed card table, and various chairs.

My son enjoyed setting up the Christmas tree, which I haven't bothered doing for the last couple of years. But it was nice to reminisce about the various decorations, some of which are as old as him. The tree itself is a couple of years older than him:
It seems not very long since he couldn't reach the top of the tree, and now it looks tiny next to him. At this point my camera batteries died. And I hadn't brought extras because I don't learn from my mistakes.

After everyone had gone home, I took the Sweet 16 table upstairs and set up the machine. But I was too worn out to actually do any sewing!

Everyone who was concerned (as I was!) about the cat abandoned by the previous tenants, will be glad to know that it is alive and well. It is being cared for temporarily by the next-door neighbour. She has been feeding it since it started hanging around her door after its owners disappeared. She has also managed to make contact with the sister of the old tenant, who is apparently going to come and collect it. So I gave the carry-box and the cat food to the neighbour, and hopefully the cat will soon be re-united with people it knows.


  1. Lovely Holiday Post--looks like you had a wonderful time--we did too, but I was exhausted after our 3.5 hr long drive home in the heavy fog and pouring rain...I am getting to old for this hoopla!! hugs, Julierose

  2. Loved the tables - so understated!!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Vireya!

  3. Good news about the cat, after having responsibility unwittingly foisted on you it must be a big relief. Cats are very good at finding a willing servant to provide their needs.

  4. Looks like a grand time! Love seeing the unit has it's first quilt in place already - as it should be. :) I was so mad after your first post about the cat, I couldn't even respond - so glad to hear all is well on that front.