Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hexagon Update

It seems like weeks since I touched my hexagon Flower Ball, (Geta Grama's pattern) what with all that house moving and everything. In fact I just checked, and the last time I showed it on my blog (which is probably close to the last time I touched it) was two months ago!
This afternoon I had afternoon tea with a couple of quilting friends, and stitched a little bit more together. In the photo I'm attaching one flower to a section I've already joined. The whole ball is now in six large sections. Click on that "two months ago" link above to see what the whole thing will look like, if you haven't seen it before. Maybe I can get it all together before I meet my friends again in a month?

I'm linking this post to Sarah's Help for Hexie-aholics, which this month is a special link-up because it also includes cats, and we all know that the internet is made of cats.


  1. Tea and hexies and cats are my favorite combination! The colors you've used are lovely! :)

  2. Time does fly doesn't it! I've really enjoyed watching this project come together. Have you ever mentioned how you will finish it? as a circle or you'll square it off with a border?