Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Surprise Package

The postie brought me Jane Monk's Tangle Stitches book today:
I won it in a giveaway on Jane's blog, but it had to come from the publisher in the USA.

I first heard of zentangle when this DVD featuring Jane was included with a Quilters Companion magazine a few years back:
I loved the look of some of the zentangle patterns, and actually tried out one design in the green squares on this quilt:
I'm not sure where that quilt is at the moment (in a box somewhere!), so I've had to just enlarge part of an old photo. Sorry it's a bit blurry! Obviously I need a bit of practice stitching this design, because I didn't quite achieve the spiral effect I was going for.

The book has lots more patterns than the DVD had, as well as a few stitching projects using the various designs:

I should have some fun exploring the possibilities!


  1. Wild Goosies, hexies and now this lovely book. Enjoy your quilting time.

  2. Must have a look at the book, you are on a winning streak, well done.