Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quilts in the Barn

The theme this year is "Inspired by Antique Quilts". There are a few examples where the actual antique quilt is present for comparison, such as this "Sunburst" quilt, made by Michelle Yeo, and inspired by the quilt from the 1800s draped in front of it:
The antique version is very worn in places, but it was lovely to see it there for comparison with the new one. Michelle has published the pattern for this quilt.

The main quilt here is called "Looking Back", and was made by Lynne Mills:
She used a combination of English paper piecing and needle-turn appliqué.

The last photo is of possibly my favourite quilt in the show.
It was made by Jenny Bear. She hand-pieced the stars, creating amazing patterns by the way she carefully cut the sections. The original quilt that inspired this one is seen in a book called Quilts in Virginia. I might try to draft these shapes myself sometime in the future...

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  1. Wow - the hand pieced stars are incredible. Beautiful quilts - old & new! I love the barn too.