Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Took a trip today to the outer eastern suburbs to look at some windows.

Outside view:
Double-glazed bushfire-resistant windows, recommended by our architect.

Inside, the window opens up completely:

Or, if you turn the handle the other way, it opens just a little from the top:
That's the same window in each picture. They are called "tilt and turn" windows, and they're amazing! They are also very effective at blocking noise (not that noise will be much of a problem at Lal Lal). They seal completely when shut, so no drafts will get in. That will make a change from the poor old windows in my former house.


  1. I have tilt and turn windows and I they work perfectly. You just need to take care when you want to close the window from the tilted position that you first hold it absolutely vertical before you move the handle. I was once too hasty and the top hinge hadn't engaged, which left me holding the whole window, supported only by one hinge! Scary!

    1. Thanks for the warning!

      I had read that these windows are commonly used in Europe, but I've never seen them before.

  2. Looks great--did you make a decision? I guess bushfire-resistant is much more of an issue than noise reduction. I love the idea of having the option between a little bit open and totally open.

  3. Yep - they have them in Europe - we think they are amazing windows - so sensible.

  4. Brilliant design! I like that it can be open at the top - good ventilation but not accessible to paws at the bottom.