Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ballarat Gardens in Spring

Five gardens around Ballarat were open this weekend, and we visited three of them today. Here's a few things that caught my eye.

An orchard with trees kept low - perhaps so they can be covered with bird-netting? And some vegies in poly-tunnels.

Do they feed them in winter, or is there enough for them to eat?

It looks like rhubarb thrives in the area:


Tanks everywhere, collecting water from the roof of even the smallest structure:

A plant spread widely in one of the gardens, and loved by the bees:
It is digger's speedwell, Parahebe perfoliata, or perhaps Derwentia perfoliata, or even Veronica perfoliata. One of those, anyway! It is the blue-ish flower in the next couple of photos.

Shady pergola:

Part of a garden bed designed to attract honey-eaters:

Loved the rain chain, loved the pebbles round the pond. But I can't say the same for that poor butchered treadle machine!

A seat with a view:

Echiums with room to spread, looking fantastic:

Berries under netting:


I'm not a great fan of hedges, but I loved they way they divided the sections of this garden:

A volunteer at one of the gardens turned out to be someone I'd worked with 20 years ago, which was a lovely surprise. We dropped in for a cuppa on the way home, and had a bonus tour of her garden as well.


  1. Beautiful garden photos Vireya...but I know that a lot of work went into them. Loved the quirky bits and the spots to sit too. Lovely for you to catch up with a former workmate...lots to catch up on I imagine :-)

  2. Thanks for the tour, a beautiful garden

  3. Beautiful garden, also love the rain chain. We had Waratah growing wild in our Sydney backyard.