Thursday, October 2, 2014

Get Moving

Bought myself a Vivofit activity tracker.
I've tried various pedometers over the years, but they've all had issues. The most recent one had a tendency to reset itself to zero at random times so I lost a whole day's step count. This device is a bit more sophisticated than a pedometer. It sets daily goals, tells you to get up and move if you sit still for more than an hour, and various other features I haven't fully explored yet. Will it be useful? Time will tell!


  1. I probably need something like that, Vireya, for those times when I keep stitching/knitting blissfully unaware that over an hour has passed! Lol. Hopefully this gadget isn't too 'bossy'!

  2. I need one of those, where did you get it from Vireya? I sit doing hand sewing and then realise I have been sitting for over an hour!!!

  3. Maybe I also need only allowed to walk in water, and no gym, but at least I could be reminded to move