Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I Found

Today I finished some major parts of my Hottie Challenge entry. For the next part I need some bias strips about a centimetre wide. After reading a few blog entries about the handiness of bias tape gadgets, I thought I'd get hold of one, but hadn't seen one the size I wanted. Fortunately before I went searching too far afield I found this in my own sewing box:
Well that saved me burning any fossil fuel on World Environment Day! I don't know how long I've had this, as I have no memory of buying it, and I'm just about certain I haven't used it before. But it was exactly what I needed for the next step of my Hottie cover.


  1. Oh yeah! My favourite sewing gadget!!

  2. Mine too!
    That's hilarious. I wonder where it came from?

  3. Lucky you bought the right size one for this project, they are very useful little tools. I have a couple.

  4. There's no going back now so do you think you'll be stocking up in one of each size so you are super prepared for next time??