Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beanie Weather?

Today I crocheted a beanie. The pattern was for an adult, but I think my beanie ended up smaller than the picture in the pattern.
I put the ball of wool and the crochet hook there to try and give some idea of the scale. The beanie might go on the head of a toddler. Maybe. The hook I used is one size larger than the pattern called for; if I'd used the specified size the end result might not have even fitted a baby.

I'm also not too keen on the shape of the finished beanie; it doesn't look quite like a human head to me. Can anyone recommend a nice crochet beanie pattern using 8-ply?

Wasn't this a lovely sunny weekend? Didn't it feel like a bit like spring? Well look at this:
Blossom. In June. In Victoria. Amazing!


  1. sorry i don't crochet so no crochet beanie patterns. try Ravelry. yours looks more like a fez, sans tassel.

    is that a japonica? some of mine are almost out, i noticed this afternoon. absolutely gorgeous weather, but we deserve it after the last 2 weeks.

  2. Ravelry has 69, try this link if you're a member

  3. That's a flowering apricot, Kaite.

    Thanks for the Ravelry links, I might just have to sign up there.

  4. so early for an apricot, but then we have tulip bulbs in bud already, strange.
    and re Ravelry, i meant 69 pages of beanies, not 69 beanies!