Friday, June 24, 2011

Hottie Exhibition Invitation

Consider yourself invited!

Please click on that image to get the details. I tried to have it show up large enough to read, but then all the important info was cut off on the right. One day I will have to sort out the silly wide margins on this blog that take up most of the screen...

Actually if anyone has some clues on that, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Hi Vireya
    If you get back into your blogger dashboard and then click on design, then template designer, then adjust widths, you can change the width of your template.
    I have mine set to 1000px which is the maximum.
    Hope that works!

  2. Thanks, Cam, but unfortunately for this template it just says "Not applicable for this template." under Adjust Widths.

    I've tried to edit the HTML, but not totally successfully - what I've changed so far has only resulted in a slightly wider text area which loads last, so it looks a little odd as it loads.

    Maybe I just need to change templates...

  3. Yep, maybe it's time to change templates. Go into Design and be prepared to spend an hour or more playing with various templates and backgrounds. Could be fun?

  4. I should change my template too.I do find it frustrating!