Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sublime and The Ridiculous

You decide which bits were lovely and which were laughable.

Happy birthday to my sister if she reads this!

Foggy start for a trip to Lal Lal and Ballarat:
I think we're almost at the turn-off...

Moisture droplets on spiders' webs looking like strings of pearls:

A tenacious acacia at Lal Lal:
A large eucalypt has fallen, taking down a couple of smaller acacias at the same time. The acacia roots are sprouting new growth in mid-air.

A forest of tiny fungi growing on the stump of a tree felled long ago:
Visited Mum for a while, and someone may have taken a cutting of that rare tree dahlia. (No photographic evidence.)

And finally, I couldn't resist snapping this:


  1. Bit wet down there currently?
    those spider web droplets are exquisite, such extraordinary finds otherwise.
    I'm surprised that car doesn't sport a P plate, it would if it lived here.
    And, how's Mum?

  2. I agree that the spider web is exquisite! I also love your little fungi forest, so cute.
    The number plate gave me a chuckle. As you say...why?

    Dee from Dewdrops & Dragonflies.

  3. The spider web photo is beautiful, the fungi are cute and a cretin probably drives the 'cretin'!