Saturday, June 18, 2011

Medical Situations

Last week I had planned to go and visit Mum on Tuesday, but ended up going on Sunday instead. It is just as well I did, because by Tuesday an outbreak of a contagious gastroenteritis in the rehab centre meant Mum was not allowed to have visitors and was confined to her room. She wasn't sick, and the quarantine measures were in place to ensure she stayed that way. Mum was happy when she was discharged yesterday! She was looking forward most of all a good night's sleep in her own bed.

Unfortunately during the night she was struck by gastro symptoms. We don't know if it is the gastro from the rehab centre, or if it's because she ate something Dad had kept in the fridge too long. I got Dad to call Nurse On Call and talk to them. They suggested taking Mum to Emergency and getting her checked, but Mum didn't want to go. I think she has had enough of hospitals for now, and on top of that getting into and out of the car is still quite difficult for her.

For now she doesn't seem to be improving, but then she's not getting worse either. Dad says he will call an ambulance if she does seem to be sicker.

To take my mind off these worries, and to enjoy a bit of sunshine today, I took my dogs for a long walk.

When we were almost home, Scruff was attacked by an alsatian which was in a backyard we were passing (but which could get its head out under the gate). She was bleeding quite a bit from an injury on her snout. I could show you a picture, but as it makes my stomach churn I think I better not! We managed to walk home, but our regular vet had closed by then. We hopped in the car and went to another nearby vet who is open on Saturday afternoon, but they just sent us to the emergency vet at Essendon Airport.

So that's where Scruff is now. She will have an X-ray to survey the damage, then surgery to clean up the wound and stitch it up. She may have to stay in overnight, I'll know that in a few hours.

For for now I'm sitting at home, worrying about my Mum and my dog.

Update 7:30pm: Scruff is now home, with added stitches and subtracted teeth. It is too late to ring my parents now (they're early to bed, early to rise types) but I'm assuming no news is good news at this stage.

Update 7:00am Sunday: Mum is much better this morning.


  1. Oh i'm so sorry to hear all that, it's been a very upsetting day for you.
    Scruff will be alright, she's in medical care but i'm more worried about your Mum. At the very least she will need to keep her fluids and her electrolytes up, which is difficult if she's vomiting. I'd be suggesting to Dad to call that ambulance, the ambos are very good at persuading the elderly to go with them. Better now than in the middle of Saturday night, when they are fully occupied with the drunks.
    I've had a similar situation with Mum, and each time it has saved her life. Sorry.

  2. Gawd... what a terrible situation. Hoping all will be well very soon.

  3. Oh no! Just when everything seemed to be going so well. All the best for the recovery of your Mum and your dear little dog.
    Best wishes,
    Dee from Dewdrops & Dragonflies.

  4. Thanks everyone! Things look much better all round this morning.

  5. That's a relief, i worried about your Mum with you all last night. Now i can get on with my day.